It’s all about art

Without art the world would be a very dull place. We acknowledge this fact by regularly showing you the best art we can find around here.

Everything you can imagine is real. ― Pablo Picasso

We invite you to join our community

Gold Rush is a community of like-minded individuals interested in establishing a connection with art. Our aim is to understand art in the context of a particular viewer’s world. We offer regular meetings at selected museums — live, analogue and in real life. You will get the chance to join a complex adaptive community that grows through a curated series of social events. We also provide expert advice on practical art topics.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. ― Edgar Degas

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We’re changing the art world bit by bit

Until this day, the art world has been shaped by a limited group of people – the art market insiders. These are the ones who drive the popularity of artworks. We want to re-shape this practice by engaging people who are outside of the art market.