How BLVU Was Born

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As cliché as it sounds: From the very beginning we’ve wanted to change the world, to make it a better place. However, a vague idea like that won’t stand the reality test, which usually works the other way around: First the project, then the mindset.

We started with a mindset. While figuring out the frame of our project, we’ve been attending exhibitions and interpreting photographies by people such as Nan Goldin and Anton Corbijn. We’ve been discussing Picasso, Van Gogh and Michelangelo. We’ve been closely watching last year’s spectacular transaction for Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, amazed by the level of market excess.

We’ve been talking about brand equity, Louvre Abu Dhabi, ethics, Apple, contemporary art, investment strategy, network leverage effect, art market trade practice, Jay Z, PR campaigns and animated videos. We’ve been discussing culture in broader terms, attempting to pinpoint the significance of certain cultural phenomena.

We travelled to London, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Brussels, Luxembourg to talk to representatives at auction houses (such as Sotheby’s and Phillips), as well as financial institutions (such as Deloitte). We met local artists who are aspiring to become greater.

Standing between two worlds, art and finance, we’re constantly adjusting our perspective to fit into the world in all its complexity. Pursuing a goal with such an interdisciplinary core requires constant attention, and a lot of drive. And it definitely requires a team, because you really need to watch your direction, in order to not drift away from your vision.

It took us a conscious effort to keep our team together. Because our company is made of people from different areas, everybody has their individual focus, their own language, their own expertise.

Without going into much detail: We eventually figured out what we need to do. And we’re here now.

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