Here’s Another Picture of Salad

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Once upon a time there was an app called Instagram. It was made for people to share their pictures and videos, to let their friends know what’s going on in their lives and to show their art to the public. Instagram helped people to show their selves.
People were happy to share their things with the world, but then they became greedy for attention. New likes and followers cause a dopamine spike, most people like that, and of course they’ll want more. They started using tricks to get more exposure. They started using hashtags, and having bots making comments and liking others’ posts on their behalf. They started going to workshops on how to get more followers.
In this empty method hustle, most people lost track of meaning. Their content became meaningless, once time of posting or the right hashtags became important.
As time progresses, everyone’s value shift. Everybody is looking to drive traffic to their feed. Nobody asks: What do I take these salad pictures for? Who enjoys looking at my pictures of romantic landscapes? Does my feed look like a generic cheap calendar you could buy at Walmart? One that you’d give your 90-year-old grandma for Christmas? Am I perhaps just busy with rising my follower number, while it doesn’t matter what I post?
If you really look at yourself, what’s the reason behind your actions? This book is for people who already know how to take decent photos and how to use filters. It’s for those who know that bought followers will harm their accounts or businesses. At least I hope I don’t need to tell you that.
If you know how and what you’re doing, the only remaining question is Why? It’s the only question you need. This book won’t do the thinking for you. It will help you start thinking yourself.

Excerpt from upcoming book How to Be Yourself on Instagram by Swetlana Isstgeschichte

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