Who We Are

We’re a team with diverse skills that spread from arts to IT and law. Take a look at our founding partners and contributing associates.

Georg Leutner

Managing Director

Holding an arts degree from École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Georg Leutner is an art fund pioneer and this company’s main initiator. Foresight and idealism, together with profound knowledge of how markets work, put him in a unique position that can be described as visionary. Georg Leutner’s experience with finance market, based on several projects (such as State of the Art Fund), helps him leverage and bundle the expertise — that of BLVU’s founding partners and external.

Swetlana Soschnikow

Managing Partner

Swetlana Soschnikow puts into words what this company thinks. Graduated in 2012 from the University of Bonn with an M.A. in Computational Linguistics, English Literature and Philosophy. Been working in tech journalism, PR, TV production, game development and, for a larger period of time, as a linguist for tech companies, among them Apple.

Uwe Franke

Sales Director

Uwe Franke’s main asset is his profound experience in sales. After many years working in sales and key account management at Procter & Gamble, he has joined BLVU from the very beginning.

Michael Ginhart

Director of Legal Department

Michael Ginhart holds a degree in finance and is specialized in corporate law. He draws on many years of successful work experience. 20 years ago, he founded his law firm in Vienna with a focus on commercial law, corporate law, civil law and project development.

Alicia Faridi

Director of Operations

Alicia Faridi holds a degree in Marketing Management. She has extraordinary experience in the area of Product Management, Project Management, Business Development and Brand Management. She worked at BILD newspaper, in the Product Management Department, as well as at Freshworks in Business Intelligence and Business Development.

Martin Kopp

IT Director

Martin Kopp is a graduate in business informatics and a consultant for Business Intelligence solutions. He also has experience in building Big Data Hadoop cluster on the Hortonworks platform. He also has detailed knowledge of the Microsoft Azure platform with the SQL Database, SQL Data Warehouse, and Power BI environments.

Markus Delhofen

Vice IT Director

Markus Delhofen is a graduate in Business Information Technology. He is a consultant and architect for Business Intelligence environments based on Microsoft SQL Server. He can draw on an experience in the environment of more than 8 years. He also has more than 10 years of .NET development experience with C # or VB. He has worked and directed many projects as an architect and designer of web applications. In addition, he is P-Seller on behalf of Microsoft for the Microsoft Azure platform.

Michael Kapfer

Marketing Director

Michael Kapfer holds a MBA in Media Management. Since 2005 he is Managing Director and recently CEO of GGK Mullen Lowe Group in Vienna. He has deep knowledge in Marketing, Brand Strategy and Brand Management.

Dieter Pivrnec

Vice Marketing Director

Dieter Pivrnec holds a diploma magister in Art. Since 2006 he is Executive Creative Director of GGK Mullen Lowe Group. He has extraordinary experience in Art Direction and Creative Director in many well-known advertising agencies.